A TTC bus driver went the extra mile last night after a wheelchair-bound commuter was seen struggling to get home from the bus stop in the middle of a snowstorm. The transit operator, alongside a few other good Samaritans, immediately rushed to the aide of the disabled traveller and helped them get inside their apartment building.

In the video, the driver and another individual can be seen clearing a path for the stranded commuter whose wheelchair appears to be stuck in the snow. The video then cuts to a few moments later showing two more helpers join the effort to clear the way home for the individual. 

By the end of the heartwarming footage, a crowd of people is seen pushing snow aside with makeshift shovels and when all else fails the group decides to carry the commuter out of the freezing weather and into their home, in the most Canadian display of kindness. 

Via tsibla|Reddit

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Toronto was leveled with 15 cm snow and ice today, with whipping winds and significant ice buildups causing "tree branches to break, possibly resulting in power outages," according to a special weather alert statement from Environment Canada. 

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Unforunately, not much is known about the group of kindhearted citizens, so we cannot give them a proper thank you. Hopefully, their selfless act will inspire fellow residents of the GTA  to be kind to each other especially as the weather continues to make everyone's daily commute a miserable experience.

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