The total number of TTC employees with COVID-19 continues to grow. On Wednesday, it was reported that three new staff members tested positive for the disease. 

In statements released by the ATU Local 113, it was reported that the total number of employees with COVID-19 is now at 84. 

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Please practice physical distancing as much as possible.

Carlos Santos

On September 23, a bus driver from Arrow Road received positive results. 

The operator's last shift was the same day from 10:15 a.m. until 11:15 a.m.

A customer service agent for the company also received positive test results the same day. 

Their last shift was on Tuesday, September 15.  

The last reported case was a general repairman from Harvey Shop who's last shift was on September 17. 

Carlos Santos, the president of ATU Local 113, states that all employees are now at home and recovering. 

He also reminded everyone about the importance of practicing social distancing during this time. 

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