There are many different types of Canadian accents. Some of us lay it on thick, and others don’t. However, there's definitely a wrong way to pronounce the word "avenue", which has been proven by the TTC's robot announcer voice over the last six weeks. Thankfully, it’s over now and we can all begin to heal.

According to The Toronto Star, the TTC’s robot announcer will no longer be mispronouncing the word “avenue”. “For those following along at home, the offending aveeenooo bus announcements have been fixed!” TTC spokesperson Stuart Green announced on Twitter Tuesday afternoon.

So, when did this blunder even start happening? It was brought to the TTC's attention earlier this summer, in late June. The TTC agreed to alter the robot announcer's pronunciation of the word after transit riders began complaining that it sounded too American. Little did they know that by correcting it, they'd be setting a whole other set of complications into motion.

To be fair to the TTC, they weren’t aiming for “ave-no.” According to Green, the agency was trying to make the voice produce a more Canadian-sounding “ah-ve-nyew." But, somewhere along the line, the wires got mixed up and we got and even more baffling pronunciation.

“Thinking it would be a rather simple thing to fix, when we set about doing that, it turned out it wasn’t as simple as we thought,” Green explaining, continuing to say that the new pronunciation caused “far more” controversy than the original complaints.

Toronto commuters were also quick to point out that “avenue” isn’t the only word that the TTC voice says weird. A local Reddit thread was filled with comments on the subject this past Tuesday. Users pointed out that the transit agency might have their work cut out them with all the other words that need correcting.

“The next station is crispy. Crispy station,” wrote one Redditor, mocking the voice’s interpretation of Christie Station.

"Next station is Dundess station... Dund-ASS station. The emphasis and pronunciation were always so odd to me," wrote another user.

And they weren’t alone:

According to Green, the system that announces transit stops is updated every six weeks. So, maybe we will see more interesting changes in the future. Never a dull moment on the TTC!

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