As of January 1st, 2019, the TTC made the switch from monthly passes to Presto cards to ring in the new year but it's causing issues for commuters. Now, those who relied on monthly passes need to load one onto their Presto card to get access into subways, streetcars, and buses. The TTC has also announced that they are closing down a variety of toll booths throughout the subway system, limiting customers from also paying cash or debit to enter the subway system. Since this switch over to Presto, Torontonians have taken to Twitter to reach about all of the problems and inconveniences that this new payment system has created for commuters.

Since the beginning of January, customers have reported a variety of issues that have occurred throughout the past week that has limited their ability to be able to use the transit system easily. The complaints cover a variety of issues, such as subway gates being out of order, awful customer service, being overcharged on fares, and not being able to cancel Presto cards when they get stolen.

Presto has responded to a variety of these claims through their Twitter account often apologizing and giving advice to the customers who are seeking support, validating that these issues have become a problem that the Presto company is aware of and working towards improving.

One of the biggest issues that have been reported has to do with the cancellation of your Presto card. if your Presto card is stolen or lost and you cancel it, the card is still operational for 24 hours. This has become a huge problem for those who have enabled auto-load onto their card. There have been multiple occurrences about customers who have had their card stolen, and have seen the activity of it being used, but Presto is unable to stop this activity until 24 hours after the fact.

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Another issue that customers have been facing is the out of service subway gates throughout Toronto. One Twitter user even posted a photo of all of the Presto gates out of order and the toll booth closed, meaning that she had no way to access the subway station. People are also complaining that the Presto scanners are also constantly out of service on both buses and streetcars as well.

Overcharging is another issue that customers have been facing this month. Some Twitter users have reached out to Twitter to express their concerns about their account being charged per trip while they had already bought a monthly pass.

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With only being one week into this new Presto system, customers of the TTC are not happy with the way that things have turned out.

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