As the COVID-19 pandemic continues, the TTC is attempting to limit the amount of crowding on city buses to help practice social distancing. On Wednesday morning, the transit agency announced that they would be adding 85 new buses to morning routes in an attempt to help stop crowding during its peak service. These buses will be added to the busiest TTC routes.

The transit agency reported that the relief vehicles will be directed to where they are needed most every morning.

The TTC initially announced it would be adding a minimum of 47 buses to help with peak congestion. However, TTC spokesperson Stuart Green later revealed to Narcity that the number has reached 85 buses.

“In order to reduce customer volume and allow for better physical distancing on buses, the #TTC will provide a minimum of 47 extra buses for early AM and AM peak service on higher volume routes. Please consider delaying non-essential trips until after 8 a.m. if possible,” read a statement from Green this morning. 

While the TTC deployed 85 buses on Wednesday morning, Green does state that these numbers could vary day to day depending on the demand

"The number is now up to 85 across these routes this morning. It could vary from day to day," Green told Narcity. 

“We have 14 supervisors assigned to key positions throughout the bus network and will be adding additional buses on the routes most needed due to high ridership as the morning service builds,” the TTC added.

The transit agency previously attempted to tackle the issue of overcrowding on Tuesday by asking riders on its busiest routes to consider altering their travel schedule.

Multiple service alerts were tweeted by the company asking commuters to consider travelling after 7:30 a.m. on busier routes when possible.

“Unless your trip is essential, please consider travelling after 7:30 a.m. to encourage physical distancing,” the TTC tweeted. “Also, please practice physical distancing at bus stops and on-board vehicles.”

Public transit officials noted earlier this week that nearly 15% of its staff has either called in sick or begun self-isolating after coming in contact with COVID-19.

As a result, the TTC has been forced to prioritize its busiest routes by allocating more vehicles to them.

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