As Ontario continues to encourage residents to social distance, the TTC has placed multiple new measures to help protect their workers and commuters. However, despite this, recent footage appears to be showing that TTC subway trains are still busy. Passengers have been photographed on trains and platforms appearing to be standing far closer together than recommended by health officials. 

Throughout the past weeks, multiple commuters have been speaking out about the lack of social distancing that is taking place on public transit routes. 

One Twitter user posted a picture of a relatively full subway train with the caption, "#ttc update from last night at 11:10 pm. Line 1 at St. Patrick. If this was a public park you would send bylaw officers."

"I was at the Lawrence RT yesterday and got into a crowded bus 54A at around 5pm. I am wondering if social distancing can really be implemented by the TTC or not according to the photo attached," another user stated.  

However, despite the busy routes that some residents are reporting, the TTC has been adding multiple new measures in attempts to get commuters to keep their distance. 

Last week, the TTC announced that they would be adding nearly 100 extra buses to crowded bus routes. This was done in a measure to leave extra space for those who must travel on public transit during this time. 

The TTC has also informed commuters that buses may skip stops during the pandemic if they are already full of passengers. Rear door boarding has also been implemented on bus routes.  

"We have implemented rear door boarding and discontinued use of the farebox on buses to create distance for the operator," Senior Communications Specialist Stuart Green told Narcity is an e-mail last month.

"We are asking people to use their best judgment when riding vehicles and respect the six-foot rule. If a vehicle is crowded, please wait for the next one." 

Narcity has reached out to Green for additional comments on this issue and is awaiting a response.  

While some commuters are still spotting crowds in peak hours, the TTC has announced that its ridership has fallen dramatically over the past month. 

By the end of March, the TTC had announced that they are losing about $18 million in fares a week, with ridership falling over 70%, according to the Toronto Star. 

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