Subway delays are the worst. I mean, sometimes you really wish you could just get out and walk the tracks just to reach your destination a little faster, and that’s exactly what a group passengers did this Wednesday. According to the Toronto Star, subway service on a significant portion of Line 1 is currently being suspended due to a stuck TTC train in the tunnel between Union and St. Andrew stations on Wednesday afternoon.

According to a report by CP24, the subway train was heading from Union to St. Andrew at around 1:00 PM when it became trapped in the tunnel due to a mechanical issue that reportedly may have damaged the track beneath the transit vehicle.

TTC Spokesperson Stuart told Narcity, “We’re still investigating why, but something caused the power to cut, trapping a train with 54 people on board in the tunnel between Union and St. Andrew. All were walked out the tunnel to union safely,”.

Thankfully, firefighters made their way to the train and escorted the small band of passengers along the track for about 300 metres back to Union Station. No injuries were reported as a result of the incident.

Around 30 shuttle buses are now operation between Bloor-Yonge and Osgoode stations to help the relieve TTC passengers while the issue is handled. Green announced that service is expected to be down for several hours.

“We are hoping to get it cleared as quickly as possible not only because of the afternoon rush hour but also for the Raptors and Jurassic Park,” Green said during an interview with CP24.

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