Vaping's been all the rage for a while now, but some people clearly still don't know where and when is the right time to do it. A fight was filmed yesterday between two women on a TTC streetcar. The video of the TTC vaping girl has been making the rounds online.

The clip shows an elderly woman ask the girl to stop puffing before the two share a confrontation and a third woman intervenes.

Naturally, the video was uploaded onto Reddit and posted on the subtly-named "PublicFreakout" sub-Reddit.

Viewers and commenters seemed to agree with the assessment that the video was worthy of that title. Many shared their opinion on the situation and let's just say some of them had a fun time with this one.

While some of the reactions were light-hearted, this issue could have escalated further. Both women were arguing and the girl caught vaping had to be pulled off the streetcar by someone else.

Reddit users are praising the intervening woman for standing her ground without escalating the situation.

The "brave woman" can be heard in the video saying "Who do you think you are talking to a grown woman like that? She just asked you not to vape."

One Reddit user even made a full transcript of the video.

According to a tweet by the TTC, the act of vaping on the TTC violates a by-law. If this girl is caught, she could face a $195 fine.

There's no word of whether or not she's been caught and fined but the TTChelps Twitter account sent out a tweet on how to report any other issues that riders might come across.

In order to avoid confrontations like this, it's probably wisest to just not smoke or vape on the TTC. Just wait!

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