Toronto commuters are used to small delays that put hiccups in their morning travels, but the past three days have been particularly chaotic. Over the past three days, the TTC has announced that there have been significant delays in both the subway system and the buses and streetcars throughout the Toronto area. TTC first announced that the extremely cold temperatures were significantly impacting their equipment, and now they are saying poor weather and road conditions are contributing to these ongoing delays.

Since Monday morning, the TTC has been a complete mess full of delays, failures and a majority of commuters not being able to make it to work on time. The complaints started early on Monday morning when commuters took to social media to show the massive overcrowding on trains and platforms.

Bloor-Yonge station and St. George station seemed to be the worse, as commuters had to wait for multiple overcrowded trains to go by before they could finally enter the train to start their commute.

However, trains are only the beginning. Since Monday, there have been multiple streetcar and bus delays as well. On Monday, multiple commuters complained they had to wait almost an hour for a shuttle bus in the freezing cold.

Tuesday was no different. Commuters flooded to social media again to share photos of yet another overcrowded Bloor line. As commuters started to get frustrated, TTC Customer service reached out to say, “We make preparations for the cold weather of course, but when it gets as extreme as the last few days, it can still have an impact, unfortunately,”.

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Kipling Station even experienced some awful flooding on Tuesday as well, making for an interesting commute for some Torontonians.

With temperatures predicted to rise today, commuters were hoping that the TTC would finally be able to be up and running again. Yet, things only continued to get worse. TTC announced on Twitter this morning that multiple routes were going to be facing delays this morning due to poor road conditions.

Some commuters were saying that buses were so full that they had to wait in the freezing rain until multiple buses drove by them before they could hop on. Trains were also so delayed this morning that some commuters were complaining of waiting over ten minutes before one finally arrived at the platform.

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Let’s all hope that tomorrow will finally be better.

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