Nothing is worse than feeling like you're stuck in the early 2000s on your morning commute with TTC, especially when your phone starts dying. Luckily, TTC has just made an announcement that they will be releasing 200 brand new clean diesel buses that will be featuring some cool new features. Among those new features, these TTC buses will be offering USB ports and LCD Screens.

Narcity has confirmed that USB ports, LCD screens, and lighter aluminium wheels will all be added to these new TTC buses. According to Senior Communications Advisory and Media Relations and Issue Management, Stuart Green these changes will be implemented in all 200 buses that will start rolling out by September. 

With USB charges finally being installed, this means that you no longer have to worry about your phone dying on your late commute home. Instead, you'll be able to plug it in and enjoy the rest of your commute scrolling through Instagram or playing your favourite app game that you just can't seem to beat. 

Of course, the USB ports are only one of the changes that these new clean diesel buses will see. LCD screens will also be placed in all 200 buses. 

According to Green, these LCD screens will display following stops and operator IDs. However, in the future, TTC is hoping they will be able to do much more with these screens. 

Some of the improvements that TTC wishes to work on is how to optimize these screens to allow customers to get the most information they are able to receive.  

According to Green, some ways of doing this would be to display service alerts or even alerts for connecting routes. This would make transferring so much easier. 

Along with this, commuters can expect to see a slightly different layout throughout these buses, including lighter aluminum wheels. 

So sit back Torontonians, and enjoy traveling green. 


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