The Amazing Race is a fast-paced, action-packed drama that shows you beautiful sights of the world, and the Canadian edition is no different. In the newest season, they're honouring the heroes of Canada but one duo stands out above the rest. 

Two mounties, who are brother and sister, Taylor and Courtney Callens are competing to take home $250,000, two Chevrolet cars, and unlimited air travel with Air Canada for a year. The pair's inspiration for participating is to honour the communities that they love serving. 

The Callens grew up across British Columbia, following their father for work. Taylor and Courtney are actually the fourth generation of RCMP members in their family and believe their close bond will be what leads them to victory. 

Having moved around a lot as kids, the siblings found that they're dependent on each other when embarking on new journeys, so this was an amazing opportunity to do that again. Living across the province from one another now, the siblings are hoping that this will grant them some time together, plus the possible benefit of over $100,000 each. 

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Don't forget to cheer these two on this summer. The Amazing Race Canada: Heroes Edition is the first edition of it's kind and comes back to television screens on July 9 and there are tons of worthy heroes to cheer on! 

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