44-year-old Adrian Woolley, the current head of Peel Region’s Police Association, is among the two GTA officers that have been charged with driving under the influence.  Reports reveal that Woolley, who was also charged with stunt driving, was stopped on Saturday night on the Queen Elizabeth Way in Burlington, where tests revealed his blood alcohol level exceeded 0.08 legal limit in Ontario.  He was initially stopped by police for speeding.

Const. Tina Teeter, a 42-year-old York Regional Police officer from Barrie was the second GTA officer charged with impaired driving.  She was stopped on Highway 400 in York Region in the early evening on Sunday, and was arrested by police upon further investigation in connection to an “impaired-related criminal offence”.  Teeter was off duty at the time.

The official Twitter account of the Ontario Provincial Police have since confirmed the charges, and several news releases have been issued today to notify the public.

According to police, Teeter has been an officer since 2003 and is employed as a uniform patrol officer in 4 District.  Previously, she was involved in community-service patrol work, as well as collision reporting.  As of Sunday night, she has been put on administrative duty.

York Regional Police Chief Eric Jolliffe has since stated, “This is very troubling considering the work that York Regional Police is doing to combat impaired driving. We are confirming the information the OPP has released, including the officer’s identity. As this is not a YRP incident, further queries regarding this investigation should be directed to the OPP.”

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He has claimed that York Regional Police are committed to the fight against impaired driving, insisting that he holds officers to the same, if not higher, standards than members of the community.  Jollifee said, “We continue to remind our members of their responsibility to live the values of our organization, both on and off duty.”

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