Several sources have announced that another University of Toronto student committed suicide on campus last night.  Toronto Fire arrived at the University of Toronto's Bahen Centre for Information Technology at 8:40 PM on Sunday in response to a death on the first floor of the building.

With heavy hearts, the student community is outraged by U of T's lack of acknowledgement and inactivity in responding to the loss.

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Students are criticizing the university for their "gross negligence" towards its students that has ultimately led to the cultivation of a "toxic campus environment,"  reports The Varsity.  In just the past year alone, three University of Toronto students took their lives on campus.

According to an on-campus group, the University of Toronto's administration steadily refuses to acknowledge the ongoing mental health crisis that continues to affect the university's student community.  The group claims the school "treats these students like an afterthought", and is currently "ignoring advice to modernize and strengthen UofT's mental health services."

Students and on-campus groups have taken to Twitter to voice their concerns regarding the University of Toronto's lack of mental health resources to ensure students' wellbeing and safety.

Student organizations have commented, "This is the kind of negligence that results in entirely preventable further suffering and death."  The groups hold the school accountable for the diminishing mental health of the student population, and explains, "The UofT administration, whether you look on them as leaders of a community or simply a business with fee-paying students, has a responsibility to prevent this, and they are culpable in these students' deaths."

A silent protest has been scheduled today outside the President's office at King's College Circle.

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