Uber has saved us all at least once or twice when it comes to both Uber Eats and transportation. The convenience of being able to order from your favourite local restaurant after work without having to leave your couch, or calling an Uber when you realized on the way home is amazing, but now Uber is promising even more. Uber Canada has released some of their plans for expansion in 2019 and one of those goals is to expand the alcohol delivery process into Ontario.

That’s right, Uber is working on launching a service that will bring alcohol right to your door, saving you that trek to the LCBO and the awful line that always accompanies it on a Friday evening. The service was launched last year in British Columbia and has been a major success.

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Dan Park, the head of Uber Eats Canada, told City News that Ontario and Quebec are the two main provinces that the company is wishing to release this service to first. Though Park hinted that other provinces could soon follow suit if this launch is successful.

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Much like the LCBO, this new alcohol service will require a piece of valid ID when the driver arrives at your door and they will also collect a signature. Upon arrival, if the driver deems the recipient to intoxicated they have the right to refuse to deliver the alcohol.

This isn’t the only new service that Uber Canada is hoping to bring to Ontario by the end of this year. According to City News, Uber has also partnered with New York’s Jump in hopes to bring e-scooters and bikes to the province.

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E-scooters have become quite popular in the States and Uber is hoping to bring their popularity to Canada as well. E-scooters, also known as electronic powered scooters, are scooters that you are able to rent, much like the bike rent systems that are already present in a lot of big Ontario cities, such as Toronto.

Uber is stepping up their game this year and we are so excited.

Source: City News

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