Canadians left some pretty whacky items behind during their Uber rides last year. Uber revealed on Tuesday that Canadian passengers forgot a long list of bizarre belongings in 2018. Whips, gold teeth, graduation certificates, and even some unlucky individual's glass eye were just a few of the things in Uber Canada's lost and found bin.

According to the companies data collected last year obtained by 680NEWS, Canadians who lost the most stuff were Uber passengers in Montreal, Niagara, Lethbridge, Alberta, and the Kitchener-Waterloo area,

Which isn’t all that surprising, considering all those areas are near cities - and where there are Canadian cities, there are Canadian bars and people exiting those bars who may not be at their sharpest. Did we mention that Uber also stated that Canadians also happened to be the most forgetful on weekend between the hours of 11:00 PM and 1:00 AM?

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Other outrageous items on Uber Canada's list of forgotten items included poutine (suspect, but still tragic), dentures, shower curtains, ukuleles, and even a few wedding invitations.

Unsurprisingly, the weekend also stood out as the most prominent time for residents to lose more unusual items. According to Uber’s data, riders are more likely to lose standard everyday objects during the week such as laptops, watches, phones, headphones.

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Ubers also reported that the biggest day for lost items every year is New Years and Halloween - celebrations during which people tend to carry loads of unessential items, like costume accessories, and are more likely to be intoxicated, therefore more likely to lose track of stuff. 

If you've lost your stuff in an Uber before, you may consider yourself forgetful. But, rest assured -  you're clearly not alone!

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