It was only in 2012 that Uber found its way to Toronto and revolutionized how commuters travelled across the city. Having dealt solely with Toronto cabbies and their inflated fare systems, it was a huge deal to be finally given another option. 

Now, Toronto commuters are getting the luxury of even more choice when it comes to their app controlled ride-hailing companies. The San Francisco based brand Lyft- Uber's main US competitor, just announced their plan to move into the international transportation game. Lucky for us, they'll be starting off right here in Toronto and the surrounding GTA. 

The company plans to launch officially by next month and will offer five different vehicle options: a regular 4 passenger ride, a plus service that holds 6, Premier for those who want to ride with a little more style, Lux for those seeking a sleek black luxury car and a top rated driver, and finally Lux SUV which offers the same bougieness as Lux with just a little extra space.  

According to a press release they put out today, Lyft says the next steps will be reaching out to divers and then they'll have "additional information on timing in the coming weeks"

As for now, there are no details on fare costs, drivers compensation, or how the company will operate. Although, Lyft's President and Co-Founder John Zimmer told The Star that Lyft "will be reliable, it will be affordable, but it will also be an experience more focused on the hospitality service.”

With Lyft's entry into the Toronto transportation market coming on the heels of Uber's announcement that they'll be adding more fees to rides, (depending on factors sometimes out of riders control) should have the OG ride company worried. However, we're excited to see how both companies work to make their services more user friendly and competitive. 

We will be updating this story as more information becomes available.

Source: The Star

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