With delay after delay, Union Station travellers are facing the brunt of several GO Train cancellations heading on the Lakeshore East and Milton lines. Transit riders are dealing with chaos with Union Station delays across the board on February 24 as many await service announcements and other modes of transportation back home. This comes just hours after protests blocked westbound trains heading through the Hamilton region.

According to the Toronto Star, Metrolinx spokesperson Anne Marie Aikins confirmed that incidents had occurred at Kipling Station on the Milton line and Guildwood on Lakeshore East on Tuesday.

“It’s a quickly evolving situation, and information is coming swiftly and in limited fashion, and we aren’t able to as quickly develop a recovery plan when there’s this much of our rail (network) impacted,” Aikins told the Star.

Both of the lines being suspended came in time for the evening rush hour as commuters into the city are heading home for the day.

And photo and video footage taken from around Union show the devastating impact of those disruptions.

The scene in and outside of Union looked absolutely chaotic, as passengers were huddled up and unable to do anything but wait.

Notice boards showed sweeping delays and cancellations, too.

Photos and videos of stuck passengers were shared onto Twitter, who only had limited information as to what had caused the cancellation and delays.

The crowds of people were so thick that some on social media described it as looking almost apocalyptic. 

A few hours ago, train tracks between Aldershot GO and Hamilton GO had Wet'suwet'en Strong: Hamilton in Solidarity protestors blocking trains from passing through.

They were eventually cleared by police, but not before Niagara Falls GO, St. Catharines GO, Hamilton GO and West Harbour GO stations had been affected by the suspended lines.

And, according to the Star, the tracks behind Lambton Arena on Dundas Street West also protesters holding hands and dancing in a circle, preventing service from continuing.

By 5:30 p.m., however, Toronto police had removed them from the tracks.

And, at 6:10 p.m., GO Transit tweeted to advise that service has been restored on both the Lakeshore East and the Milton lines. However, residual delays were expected to continue into the evening.

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