Here in Canada, we pride ourselves on our various universities and some of the prestigious programs we offer. Even around the world, it's fair to believe that we have a pretty good post-secondary reputation. 

For example, look at the number of international students coming here. Last year, almost 500,000 students came to study in Canada. Of those, 95% of them said they would recommend studying in Canada to others. 

In Ontario especially, we tend to think highly of our post-secondary schools. Whether it's prestigious universities like Queen's or technically innovative schools like the University of Waterloo, there is a lot to brag about here. 

With all that in mind, you could assume that on a list of globally ranked universities that Ontario schools would do well. Unfortunately, you'd be wrong. In fact, these schools did so shockingly terrible that they didn't even receive a passing grade out of 100.

Here they are ranked from worst to best, which even then still isn't great.

1. Wilfred Laurier University

One of the most terribly ranked schools on the list is Wilfred Laurier. Despite being a pretty popular school here in Ontario, it only placed 1202th on a list of 1250. That puts it in the bottom 50 worldwide. Each school was also given a score out of 100 based on international reputation, number of publications, and regional research reputation. Laurier's was only 21.2. 

2. Trent University

This is another Ontario school that didn't even crack the top 1000. The Peterborough school placed 1148th on the global list. While they ranked higher than Laurier, their score was only marginally better at 23.1.

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3. Lakehead University

Despite being one of Northern Ontario's top schools, Lakehead only placed 1119th on the global ranking. Beyond also not making the top 1000 on the list, their score was also terribly low at only 24.7. 

4. Brock University

There's an old joke in Ontario that if you can walk and talk you can go to Brock, but now it seems the world thinks that too. The school only placed 1010th out of 1250. While their score was a bit better at 28.7, it still wasn't enough to crack the top 1000. 

5. University of Windsor

It may have taken five schools to get here but finally, an Ontario university cracked the top 1000. The University of Windsor just made the triple digits, coming 992nd. Despite the small victory, their score is still low, sitting at 29.2. 

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6. University of Ontario Institue of Technology

This small Oshawa school may have done better than it's bigger counterparts like Laurier or Windsor, but their score still isn't great. UOIT placed 942nd and came in with a score of only 31. 

7. Ryerson University

Ryerson University is not only the lowest ranked Toronto school on the list but even around the world it only placed 816th. Arguably this is a vast improvement, almost 400 spots higher than Laurier. Still, their score of 35.3 is nowhere near passing. 

8. Carleton University

After eight Ontario universities, Carleton finally cracks the global top 500. This is actually pretty impressive considering how many schools are on the list. Carleton is placed at an impressive 489. That being said, out of 100 their score of 46.9 still isn't a pass. 

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9. University of Guelph

Another case of a school ranking well but still not quite getting a passing grade is Guelph University. Being a popular agriculture, science, and environmental studies school helps boost it's ranking putting them at 423rd. Yet they still fall short of passing, with a score of only 49. 

10. York University

The tenth and final Ontario university to shockingly not receive a passing grade is York University. While they are ranked at a respectable 408, the Toronto school's score is just shy of the passing mark at 49.6. 

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While these schools sadly represent some of the lowest ranked Ontario has to offer, some of our universities actually did really well. For instance, the University of Toronto crushed it, coming in 20th globally with a score of 81.9. Another school, McMaster just missed the top 100, coming in 130th. Even then their score was still a passing grade of 65. 

In terms of Canada as a whole, two other schools made the top 100 alongside U of T. The University of British Columbia ended up coming in 29th and McGill University in Montreal came in 43rd. The number one school in the whole world was unsurprisingly Harvard University, with a perfect score of 100. 

Source: US News

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