A 52-year-old Vancouver man has just been charged after stealing 150 wigs that were meant for children with cancer at the BC Children's Hospital. The suspect, Martin Weigelt,  already has a long rap sheet that goes back decades. With over 100 criminal convictions, this suspect has also been charged with the break-and-enter and robbery of these wigs. 

The robbery took place back in Septemeber 2018 when Weigelt broke into Eva and Company Wigs on Broadway in Vancouver. 150 wigs were stolen that were meant to be given to children who were battling cancer. 

Since then, Vancouver Police have been doing an extensive investigation that has led to the arrest of "one of the city's most prolific property offenders," according to police.  With a record that dates back to 1987, Martin Weigelt has been disrupting the city of Vancouver for quite some time. 

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Weigelt now remains in custody and 66 of the stolen wigs have been recovered.  Owner of Eva and Company Wigs reached out to News 1130 to state how much of a relief it was that the suspect has finally been caught, especially since he affected the lives of so many children. 

After the robbery, which took place in Septemeber, Eva and Company Wigs struggled to ensure that every child would be able to get access to a wig. 

A lot of effort goes into making these wigs that are delivered to BC Children's Hospital. It takes about two months and at least $2,200 to make each wig. This means that after the robbery the company struggled to make up for the lost wigs. 

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Due to this, many children did not get the wigs they were promised and were forced to wait until December for a wig to wear. 

The Owner of Eva and Company Wigs told News1130 that, "We felt so bad that those kids' wigs were taken and a horrible thing to do. We were just really happy that someone was caught,". 

The VPD is still looking for more information on this case and about the location of the remaining missing wigs. If you have any information that will further the case you are encouraged to the VPD's property crime investigators at 604-717-0610 or Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-8477. 

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