Drivers are fuming after a video posted on Reddit today, showed a woman hauling her kids across a snowy street in Toronto with no regard for oncoming traffic, setting fire to the clip's comment thread. In the video, which was captured via a dashboard camera, the driver is seen making his way through a snow-covered street when suddenly a woman escorting two children pops out from behind a parked car. The car eases to a stop narrowly avoiding them. The woman then yells something out to the motorist, which judging from her body language wasn't an apology. 

Several Redditors were appalled by the woman's behaviour in the video, with one user putting it plain and simple, "out from between parked cars and not at a crosswalk even. F--k this lady." Others flooded to the defence of the driver after some criticized his reaction, "Completely reasonable reaction if you ask anybody. You don't just slam the brakes when you see someone pop their head out."

Mother of three expects traffic to stop on a dime in a snowstorm from r/toronto

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Provincial police released an official warning to drivers this week telling motorists to slow down and exercise caution while driving in hopes of reducing the number of accidents that occur daily through the winter season. 

Via CityPlace | Reddit

Although the worst of the weather may be over, according to The Weather Network, expected high-powered winds are likely to maintain the "blizzard-like" conditions still sweeping across Toronto and other parts of southern Ontario this week.

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Thankfully, whoever was driving remembered to put their snow tires on this year or the incident could've ended very differently. 

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