Thanksgiving arrived a bit early for this Whitby man and apparently, it wasn't happy to see him. A vehicle’s dashcam recently captured a video of a turkey attack in Ontario. In the video, a giant turkey approaches a motorcyclist while he was waiting at a traffic stop. At first, things seem pretty cordial between the two, but the bird soon begins to kick him.

The motorcyclist then attempts to kick the turkey away from his vehicle, but the bird was stubborn. It continues to peck at his leg before the video cuts out.

The video, which was reportedly captured on September 20, 2019, has since gone viral on YouTube.

The person who posted the now-viral video explained what happened on Twitter. "On my way out from volunteering at the Durham Humane Society, at the intersection of Wentworth and Thickson, I saw a turkey standing in the middle of the road. Unsure of what to do, I moved my car slightly to the left and waited to see if he’d move before the light changed," they wrote.

"A motorcycle then passed me and passed the turkey and then the turkey charged at him. The turkey circled his motorcycle about three times before going in for the attack."

Whether or not the bird and the man ever resolved their issues remains unclear. 

This isn't the first time that turkeys have wreaked havoc in Ontario. A series of wild turkey sightings in Mississauga’s Lorne Park plagued the neighbourhood earlier this year. The birds have reportedly chased mailmen, invaded bus stops and of course, disrupted traffic. However, despite their trouble-making ways, residents of the area have reportedly gotten used to having them around.

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