Game 4 of the NBA Finals is well underway and as always, fans are weighing in on the pre-game national anthem performance. For the first time in history, Canada's only NBA team is in the Finals, which of course means that there are two separate national anthems to get through before the start of the game. Well, the reviews are in about the Walk Off The Earth national anthem performance, and many of them are not great.

Walk Off The Earth is an indie rock band from Burlington, Ontario. They're a well-known group and a fitting choice for this historic Finals series for Canada.

The band revealed earlier this week that they'd be singing the national anthem at Game 4 in Oakland, California. They performed a folky rendition of O' Canada, followed by an impressive singing of the US national anthem by R&B singer Ne-Yo.

Ne-Yo got his fair share of Twitter hate for his performance, but Walk Off The Earth got significantly more. Here's some of the worst feedback they've gotten so far:

To be fair, though, they got some love too:

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