Waterloo Regional Police (WRP) have confirmed that they are looking into a tweet that may be linked to the three Walmart fires on Tuesday.

The tweet, which was posted on September 30, presents an open call to those in the Kitchener and Waterloo who "want to start attacking places like Walmart."

According to the post, the reason for this is to retaliate against businesses that have reportedly been turning people away without a mask, even if they are medically exempt, due to store policies. 

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The message says, "does anyone in Kitchener/Waterloo want to start attacking places like Walmart who are refusing #canadians service because they have a medical condition that isn’t covid?"

It goes on to call on people to "start fighting back" against businesses that have their own store policies.

In an email to Narcity, WRP confirmed that "we are aware of the social media post and we are looking into it." 

The social media post also includes a picture of a slip that a customer reportedly received at a KW Surplus store, asking them to leave when they wasn't wearing a face covering.

The investigation is currently ongoing, and police have not confirmed any motives or if there are suspects yet. 

The three Walmart fires happened within just over an hour of each other at three separate locations in the Waterloo region on Tuesday night, causing $4 million in damage per location.

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