Ticks have invaded a prominent area of Toronto that is normally devoid of the blood-sucking bugs: Trinity Bellwoods Park.

The park is usually an unlikely area for ticks to be present, since it mostly consists of short grasses and some small bushes. However, a recent post on Reddit describes one Torontonian’s encounter with ticks while lounging at the park one afternoon.

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“Just spent about 30 minutes sitting under a tree in Trinity Bellwoods and found about 8 black legged ticks,” the post reads.  “They carry Lyme disease and can be tricky to remove once they latch on.”

Toronto Public Heath (TPH) has commented on the post, saying that the ticks that were spotted were likely not black-legged ticks, which are carriers of Lyme disease. Dr. Christine Navarro, the Associate Medical Officer of Health at TPH, thinks they may be dog ticks instead, which are not commonly associated with the disease.

“Those sightings are probably other kinds of ticks,” she said.

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Navarro also added that black-legged ticks are more commonly found in the east end of the city, in green spaces like Rouge Park.

Still, Toronto Public Health highly encourages people to report any tick sightings to them immediately. Upon being bitten by a tick, they also recommend that the person quickly remove it from the skin with tweezers and consult a doctor if there are any concerns.

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