Undercover officers were spotted searching the bag of a man on a train platform in Toronto and what they found was not a pretty sight. The man was harbouring a gun in his bag and it turns out, is possibly a suspect for a shooting in Toronto. The police were able to capture him and he has been arrested and charged for attempted murder. 

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In a video posted to Reddit, you can see three undercover cops searching a man's bag only to eventually find a loaded gun, which prompts them to tell other people waiting for the TTC to clear the area. Two of the undercover officers then pin him against the fence of the train platform, while the other cop quickly unloads the pistol. They then quietly escort him off the premises and do not cause a big scene and the whole video is over in less than a minute. 

The whole ordeal took place during the day on a public TTC platform in Toronto. The cops were dressed in regular everyday clothes, so there was no telling that they were undercover officers. The video was posted just one day ago and has since gotten 331 upvotes and 188 comments. 

You can check out the full video, which was posted by Reddit user TTCdriva, for yourself here

Undercover Transit Enforcement finding a nice surprise (wait for it) from r/toronto

Via Screenshot / Video posted by u/TTCdriva on Reddit

Via Screenshot / Video posted by u/TTCdriva on Reddit

Via Screenshot / Video posted by u/TTCdriva on Reddit

And as it turns out, the man that the officers captured was not necessarily a regular TTC passenger. The man appears to be the same person who was charged for attempted murder in part of a shooting that took place in September. 

A shooting in Toronto took place one month ago on September 5th in the evening in the Agincourt area, close to the intersection of McCowan Road and Sheppard Avenue East, according to a news release from the Toronto police. One man was shot and was left with a non-life-threatening gunshot wound. 

Police have now arrested Corey Denton from Toronto, who may also turn out to be the man in this video. Reddit user TTCdriva, who was posted the video onto the Reddit, commented that "Looks like it's this guy from the looks of it", which got 92 points, and linked to an article about Denton's arrest. Based on the mugshot of Denton, it appears the Reddit user could be right. The man in the video has the same exact outfit and hair as the suspect. 

He was not only charged for attempted murder but also for nine other charges. The officials said that when the suspect was found and arrested, he had a loaded 9mm handgun with him – likely the one shown in the video. The suspect was arrested on Wednesday and appeared in court on Thursday. 

This is not what transit riders want their fellow passengers to be holding. Many have reacted to finding out there was a gun in the man's bag. One Reddit user, Welkie, commented on the post, "Makes you think. Some people you're waiting at the bus stop with have a gun. Messed up." His comment got 122 points and was one of the top comments. 

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Aside from feeling fear for people holding guns in public spaces, Redditors also had praise for the undercover cops, who appeared to have handled the matter in a respectful manner. Reddit user HoldEmToTheirWord commented, "That's some quality police work. They weren't freaking out and beating him and as soon as they saw the gun they got people to clear the area" and it got 27 points. Another user, Crow_Jizzy_Mang, commented, "Good job making that pistol safe, officer". The comment got 107 points. Check out some of the reactions below: 

Via Screenshot | Reddit

Via Screenshot | Reddit

Via Screenshot | Reddit

Although in the video, the title was originally calling the officers "Undercover Transit Enforcer", Reddit user TTCdriva has since clarified to say that they were undercover police and not transit cops. 

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