Earlier today, Narcity reported that Ontarians should prepare for some messy storms and freezing weather that will begin tonight but it looks like the storms could get worse for Canadians living in southern Ontario. 

Waterspouts, which is a tornado over a body of water, were seen on top of two Great Lakes in Ontario today. Multiple waterspouts were spotted today over Lake Erie and Ontario sucking water into the clouds.

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The Weather Network is reporting that thunder was heard alongside the waterspout sightings, meaning that downpours could be worse than typically expected. Due to the large amounts of water being sucked up from the Great Lakes, the earlier anticipated snow could end up being heavier and wetter than expected. 

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Via Environment Canada

Environment Canada issued a marine statement for both lakes as the conditions are "favourable" for waterspouts to continue to form. Due to the fact that waterspouts can be equally as dangerous as tornadoes, it's important that no boats should be on either Lake Ontario or Erie. 

The marine statement also said that winds were travelling at a speed between 20 to 33 knots, more commonly known as 37 to 61 kilometres per hour.

Considering the messy storms that are heading into Ontario tonight, it's important to be careful when commuting in heavy rain and snow. With conditions being perfect for more waterspouts, it may be even heavier than we can imagine. 

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Be careful out there tonight and stay dry! No matter what you can expect rain and snow across the province this evening. Here are a few photos of the waterspouts seen across the province today. 

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