Whenever a new Top 10 or Top 25 list comes out everyone wants their city to be on top. Unlike those "Top 10 Cities To Live And Work In" or "Most Expensive And Luxurious Houses" lists, this is not one you want to be at the top of. In fact, ideally, you don't want to be on this list at all. 

Every year Orkin, the Canadian pest removal and exterminator company, publishes a list of the most rat and mouse infested cities in Ontario and tragically Toronto has been number 1 for a few years now. 

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Via Orkin Canada

The list is compiled based on which cities had the highest number of rat/mouse removal calls during the year, in this case from January to December of 2017. The numbers also include calls from homes and businesses. 

While the 25 cities look relatively spread out across the map, a concerning number of them are in the GTA. Almost half to be exact. Here's the full list from most to least rats:

  1. Toronto

  2. Ottawa

  3. Mississauga

  4. Scarborough 

  5. Hamilton

  6. Windsor

  7. Oakville

  8. North York 

  9. Burlington

  10. Sudbury 

  11. Brampton

  12. Oshawa

  13. Etobicoke

  14. London

  15. Kitchener

  16. Sault Ste. Marie

  17. Timmins

  18. Cambridge

  19. Markham

  20. Barrie

  21. Niagara Falls

  22. St. Catherines 

  23. Concord / Richmond Hill (They're tied!) 

  24. Thornhill 

  25. North Bay 

Considering that list is based on the number of rat or mouse calls to Orkin, they are probably going to get a lot more soon. With the colder weather coming in November usually marks the start of rodent season in Canada. 

Since the temperature drops, like most people, rats are also trying to get inside to escape the cold. This means that winter is prime season for rodent infestations which is both scary and dangerous. Rats not only spread numerous diseases, but they cause fires by chewing on electrical wires.

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If you, unfortunately, live in one of the cities on this list, you aren't completely screwed. There a couple different ways to protect yourself from an impending winter infestation.

First is to make sure your house is fully secured. This includes sealing any holes and putting weather stripping on doors and windows. Second is to eliminate all rodent hiding spots. This means keeping firewood piles far from the house and trimming outdoor plants and trees so they aren't touching the walls. Finally, avoid attracting them in the first place by completely sealing food and removing any open water sources. 

Other than that the only advice to avoid a rat or mouse infestation is to just move away from these 25 cities altogether. 

Source: Orkin / Pest Defense

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