Our chances of a white Christmas are starting to look even slimmer as the Weather Network has announced that a huge part Eastern Ontario is expected to be hit with heavy and freezing rain tomorrow and into Friday.

Due to a push of wet moisture from the Gulf of Mexico, Ontario and Quebec can expect heavy rains, that could potentially reach up to 50mm in some areas, to start moving in by Thursday night. This rain is expected to travel into Friday when it has a high risk of turning into freezing rain and ice pellets.

The cities that will likely be affected by freezing rain according to The Weather Network are Montreal and Ottawa. 

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Environment Canada has issued alerts that people who live in Ottawa  take extra precautions to protect themselves, as well as ensure that their property is protected through these storms.

Warnings are in effect for a majority of Ontario for slick roads throughout this storm and drivers and pedestrians are advised to take extra caution during their commutes.

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This rainstorm is also expected to bring heavy amounts of rain and wet snow to other regions of Ontario and Quebec, including Toronto

However, the wet snow that may be falling in some areas is not expected to stick. There is some potential for snow-covered roads in the higher terrain areas of the GTA and caution while commuting is advised as it could cause slick roads. 

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This mild weather has continued to stick throughout the Ontario winter so far, as the Weather Network has predicted that it will continue to hold out until the New Year, where we may start to see some colder and snowier weather.

Source: Weather Network 

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