The City of Toronto and Ontario's provincial government recently reached an agreement regarding who should take the lion's share of responsibility for the TTC subway system. Both parties agree that the government should assume the ownership of all future projects and reduce the transit commission's current role to day-to-day operations.

With the government now accepting full responsibility for future TTC projects, it will seek to overhaul the system's infrastructure to help alleviate traffic-congestion which on top of frustrating commuters has also cost the city: time and money.

“We know that a lack of transit infrastructure and traffic congestion are costing money, jobs and time,” Yurek stated, according to The Sun. “The signing of the Terms of Reference between the Province of Ontario and the City of Toronto signals a shared interest to improve subway service, build more transit projects, to expand, and integrate the regional network and get people moving.”

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The TTC has endured its fair share of criticism over the past couple of weeks, with many commuters lashing out against the transit system over its lack of winter preparation and constant delays.

GTA residents who rely on public transportation to get to work will hopefully soon see improvements in the system, with the government looking into everything from expansions to much-needed maintenance, so hopefully "signal issues" will become less rampant. 

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The provincial government has ensured Torontonians that its takeover of the TTC would significantly speed up expansive projects including a relief line which will be placed downtown. 

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“These Terms of Reference will help guide our next steps and steer the consultation process with the City and the TTC on uploading the subway infrastructure from the City of Toronto, including the building and maintenance of new and existing subway lines,” the government wrote in its official statement on the matter.


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