Buying booze for a night out can often be a huge chore. In Ontario, we have three options: the LCBO, the Beer Store, and the Wine Rack. A brewery, a winery, and a government owned liquor licensing bureau. This doesn't give us a ton of freedom, especially when you compare us to our neighbours in Quebec, who can buy alcohol at grocery and convenience stores. But thanks to this handy map below, we can see just how different Ontario's situation is from the rest of the country.

The map shows that we are the only province that gets our beer exclusively from the government, or beer and wine companies. In fact, we're the only province that has to deal directly with a brewery and a winery to get our booze. Newfoundland, Quebec, and Alberta allow their residents to pick up booze from private retailers, while most of the rest of the country has private liquor stores to get alcohol from.

The only provinces with tougher alcohol laws than us are PEI and New Brunswick, where you can only get alcohol from government-owned stores, and Nunavut, where you apparently can only have booze sent to you by mail! It's nice to know we don't have it the worst in the country, but this map's information definitely gives pause in the middle of all of this debate about the Beer Store's monopoly over Ontario.

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