By now, there's no possible way that Kawhi Leonard doesn't know how badly Toronto wants him to stay put next season. Everyone from the city's restauranteurs to real estate agents are pitching in with bribes that not even the best player in the NBA can resist. Will Kawhi Leonard resign with Toronto? Only Kawhi himself knows the answer. But, even the mayor is joining the effort to make him stay.

In an interview with TSN from Jurassic Park on Friday evening, mayor John Tory was asked if he'd give Kawhi Leonard a key to the city if the Raptors win the NBA Finals. "I will do whatever is required to add to the campaign to make sure he stays in Toronto," Tory responded. And by anything, he really does mean anything

"I even said when they were saying Kawhi for Mayor during the last series, that I would give up my job," he continued. "I don't think he'd like my job very much, but I'll do whatever is required to make sure he stays in the city, so let's put it that way."

Anyone who knows Toronto's mayor is well aware that John Tory is third runner-up for the Raptors' biggest fan of all time - behind Drake and Nav Bhatia, of course. He basically hasn't been seen in anything but his black and gold Raptors blazer since the playoffs started. Case in point:

We gotta hand it to Tory, though. It takes one cool mayor to say that he's willing to give up his job for a basketball player.

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