We have been blessed (or maybe not so blessed, if you are a snow lover) with an abundance of above-seasonal weather over the past month, leaving us with a very probable green Christmas. With all this warm weather, it almost feels like winter is never actually going to start. However, The Weather Network has just released their New Year weather forecast and it’s looking promising for a real winter within January and February.

Although the rest of December and early January are still expected to be snowless and mild, that doesn’t mean you should be getting used to the warm temperatures for the rest of the new year.

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Via Weather Network

The Weather Network has announced that we are on track for a snowy winter and it’s going to be a cold one. A majority of Ontario and Quebec, including Toronto, are expected to receive below normal temperatures for the rest of winter season.

This cold weather also means there will be snow. The Ontario region will see fewer storms than normal during the upcoming year. But, is still expected to get an abundance of snowfall through most of late January and February.

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A mass amount of ‘lake effect snow’ is expected around the snow belts in the Great Lakes area. Toronto is expected to get hit with normal snowfalls, in a below normal temperature. Yet, if you are from the Greater Toronto Areas you can consider yourself lucky, as it’s expected that areas farther from the Great Lake area will receive less than normal snowfall within the next month. Yet you should still have a shovel handy, as storms are still heading that way. 

Brace yourself Ontario, winter is coming.

Source: The Weather Network 

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