So, it turns out the organizers of the opening ceremony of Pan Am Games decided it would be a pretty good idea to put a full on fireworks display right on top of the CN Tower. Seems like a pretty good idea, I mean, who doesn't love a good old fashioned fireworks show?

Well, it also turns out nobody in charge decided it would be a pretty good idea to let most of the city know they were going to turn the CN Tower into the world's largest flaming torch beforehand. Maybe that's why during a rehearsal yesterday for the opening ceremonies, when a huge pile of unexpected smoke and red light started billowing out of Toronto's most iconic landmark, that everyone proceeded to FREAK THE FUCK OUT!

Luckily once the smoke cleared, and the fire department was called, it all turned out to be just a simple pyrotechnic test. Since we are all so lucky to live in this brave new digital world, everyone was able to comment on social media in real time from when the smoke started spewing, all the way until everyone calmed down a little bit. Here we have compiled the range of emotions concerned Torontonians went through on Twitter during the great fake CN Tower fire of 2015.

When the smoke first started flowing people were understandably more than a little confused and concerned. 

Afterwards, when word got out that the smoke and light show was all just a harmless test, people started getting pretty pissed off at whoever was in charge.

But eventually, as anything on Twitter usually does, things just got pretty silly online. 

Okay, so maybe everything didn't really go according to plan, but at the very least the Pan Am Games seem to be off to an exciting start! Now lets just wait and see what they have planned for the closing ceremony.

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