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The unthinkable has happened! The city of Toronto has been left off of a ranking of Canadian cities. Amazon ranked Canada's most romantic cities and notably absent from the 20-city list was our beautiful home.

Seven, count-em, SEVEN, other Ontario cites placed on the list.  Waterloo placed in an astonishing third place with Guelph, Oakville, London, Kitchener, and Burlington not far behind. So clearly there's more to this story than we're aware of, so we did some more digging to find exactly what the rankings came down to. We couldn't help but wonder why Amazon, an e-commerce giant, would be deciding the most romantic cities in Canada, until we discovered what the rankings were based on.

Amazon’s Top Romantic Cities in Canada list was based on the amount of romance paraphernalia (romance novels, relatinship guides, Barry White albums, sex toys) people in the city purchased, and not on what we may have assumed to mean romantic such as good restaurants, presence of chocolate stores, luxury retailers and gorgeous landscapes.

Ahhh, so essentially not making the list is kind of a good thing. It arguably means that we aren't buying a ton of sexy time toys online or self-help books and we are more than okay to be left off such a list.

Below is the complete ranking of the cities across Canada, spending a lot of money on the internet instead of on actual dates.

1. Victoria, British Columbia

2. North Vancouver, British Columbia

3. Waterloo, Ontario

4. Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

5. Calgary, Alberta

6. Red Deer, Alberta

7. Kingston, Ontario

8. Guelph, Ontario

9. Vancouver, British Columbia

10. Edmonton, Alberta

11. Regina, Saskatchewan

12. Winnipeg, Manitoba

13. Lethbridge, Alberta

14. Oakville, Ontario

15. Kelowna, British Columbia

16. Nanaimo, British Columbia

17. London, Ontario

18. Kamloops, British Columbia

19. Kitchener, Ontario

20. Burlington, Ontario

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