A stretch of Yonge St. just south of King St. is partially closed right now because the area is completely flooded with water. A water main just burst, and crews are on the scene to make repairs and keep the water level from rising. Two subway station exits at King St. are closed at Commerce Court and Melinda Street. The 97 Yonge bus is diverting around the area via Adelaide, Church and Wellington Sts.

It's possible that this is going to take a while to fix. The water main is practically ancient, crews on scene say it was built in the 1800s. The heavy flow of water has caused significant damage to the road, so it's possible that some road repairs will have to be made too. 

The northbound lane on Yonge St. is still open, and thankfully subway service won't be affected. But, the road is expected to stay closed for the remainder of morning rush hour.

The break happened at around 3 am this morning, and crews didn't arrive on scene until an hour later. By then, water was rushing into the streets. The Melinda St. subway exit looked like a "waterfall" and walking through the area was nearly impossible without getting completely soaked.

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