Photo cred - Slide the City

To get through the winter months, many of us have started thinking about summer, and all the fun and freedom the warm weather brings. After the blistering winter we've been having this year, it's best to take as full advantage of the heat as possible when it comes. How do you do that? Water slides.

Luckily, Slide the City, a traveling attraction that sets up a massive water slide on a major street somewhere in your city for a day, has set its sights on Toronto. And when I say massive, I mean massive. According to their website, the water slide they use is over 1000 feet long.

It's still unclear when they're coming to Toronto. Their website has our city listed in the "Coming Soon" section, so here's hoping that means sometime within the coming summer months. When it does come though, it's sure to be an epic time. The event usually includes live music, food, and drinks.

While we still don't know which Toronto street will be chosen slip and slide ground zero, we nominate Yonge Street. It's one of the more major streets we've got, it's on an incline, and there's plenty of bars and restaurants to dip into after you've had your fill of sliding.

Head over to their official website for more information, and check out their Toronto event listing every once in a while for updates. Where do you think the slip and slide should get set up?

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