In celebration of International Cat Day, we discovered the cutest story about this kitten that was found in the wheel well of a York Regional Police cruiser in Markham back in June. They loved her so much that she was adopted by one of the officers on June 28 after no one had come forward to claim her.


A media relations officer for York Regional Police tells Narcity that they have no idea how she could have ended up in their cruiser. They think it is possible that someone left her there. She was likely too young to be away from her mother, so it is a possibility.


The York Regional Police told us that the officer and her husband named the kitten Buffy after the show "Buffy The Vampire Slayer".


They told us that Buffy seemed shy initially, after hiding under a desk at first. She quickly got more outgoing after she was given some food and rest, though. Now that she has regained her strength, she is much more outgoing and playful. We are happy she found a good home!

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