Law enforcement is a serious job. The various police services around the GTA have plenty to deal with on a daily basis, that's for sure. But, sometimes, it can be refreshing to see a more informal and even witty approach when it comes to social media. And one localized service in particular has caught the eye over the years for its different approach to Twitter. In fact, some York Regional Police tweets are so unexpected they'll make you look twice. 

The YRP deals with a lot of crazy stuff in and around the northern GTA on a daily basis. And it makes sure to update its 164,000+ followers on what's happening in the region, whether it's serious or just bizarre.

And the service isn't afraid to crack a few jokes along the way — when appropriate, of course.

Whether it's reporting an uber-Canadian fight breaking out with hockey sticks or an alarming impaired driving incident, the YRP has carved out its own niche in the Ontario social media game.

Sgt. Andy Pattenden told Narcity it's been a deliberate strategy to broaden the service's reach and audience.

"The whole idea is that in times of crisis... we have that audience there, engaged with us and ready to go," Sgt. Pattenden said in a phone interview.

"We know in order to do that, you can’t just put out that sort of bland, dry information. You've kind of got to cut through on social media so that people pay attention and want to engage with us.

"It was very early on that we found that humour was one of the best ways to do that and thankfully, the team behind the social media accounts all have a very good and similar sense of humour."

In that spirit, here are 16 York Regional Police tweets that make you really question whether these are memes or real-life events.

Stay Healthy

Whether you interpret it as motor vehicle advice or a medical pro tip, this is a tweet worth listening to.

Mario Kart Gone Wrong

Drivers in the 6ix can be pretty wild. Not being able to distinguish between the gas and the brake pedals might be a new one, though. As YRP thankfully clarified, nobody was hurt.

Crimes Against Food

Nutella AND cheese? Not for us, thank you. Although, we've heard of some similarly bad combos.


Some guys really tried to break into a tattoo shop but clearly, the window was ready to fight back. A stretch tattoo far for the would-be thieves, perhaps.

Open 24/7

We're glad no one got hurt as drunk driving is no joke, but this is something new. The man was one-and-a-half times over the legal limit and delivered himself to officers like he was a package.

Moooooooove Over

It might sound like a load of bull but this actually happened and YRP's adoring public loved it. We wouldn't want to be the cleanup crew for this one, but we don't blame the police for milking it with this tweet.

Stop Horsin' Around!

Cows aren't the only animals to have caught the eye in York Region, though. Horses on the road? We wonder what the neigh-bours thought? The pun game was strong again with this one.

Yabba Dabba Doo!

Even Fred himself might have been shocked at this, a truck full of (Barney) rubble which was clearly unsafe for the road.  

Next Window Please!

Alcohol plus hunger can equal poor decisions, we know this. But what doesn't fit into the equation is driving impaired. Thankfully, nobody got hurt here, apart from this woman's pride.

Cheers Bud

This guy was just begging to get caught at this point. We don't have much to say about this other than it's pretty hilarious. Oh, and definitely don't steal.

Super Soaker

Good thing there was surveillance or we would have missed out on watching this gem. Nothing like a sprinkle(r) of justice to make a splash on social media.

Puck Up Your Ideas

A road safety PSA with a difference.

No Fools Please

YRP isn't afraid to insult you when it's appropriate! Don't be that cheap or stupid person they're talking about. Especially during the festive season, these ride-share apps offer discounts so you don't have to endanger others.

The YRP Holiday Wishlist

Intense holiday season shoppers are possibly the scariest group of people, so we can only imagine the drivers. We hope YRP got what it wanted from the big man in red this year.

Sorry Not Sorry

Although cannabis is legal, this is taking things a bit too far. OK, a lot too far. It seems YRP isn't afraid to weed out the irresponsible users and smoke any budding criminals. (These puns were a joint effort.)

Santa Claus Is Coming To Town

Good to see those horrible rumours that Father Christmas is a myth are nonsense. But let this be a reminder that only one chimney violator is welcome. Lock up your cookies!

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