Times are tough if you're a millennial looking to buy a house but now a new opportunity has presented itself. If you're up for a real project then look no further than Hamilton, Ontario. 

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A recent listing was just marked down to $450,000 after originally asking just over half a million dollars. Depending on what city's housing market you're shopping in, this can be a pretty good deal but this house comes with a catch...

It's so creepy that it looks like it could be a straight-up crime scene. 

Located at 301 Bay Street North in the city of Hamilton, this spot may be a bit grungy but is only steps away from GO Transit and located in the downtown core. 

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There is a whopping total of eight bedrooms, two bathrooms, plus has two kitchens and living rooms considering the space used to be a rental. While it's got a tough interior to look at, any developer could see this huge 2500 square ft. property as an amazing opportunity to create a dream home. 

Still, you do have to look beyond the grimy interior that currently exists in the home. The walls can be seen peeling with paint and the carpets have wild mysterious stains. It makes you wonder what kind of strange stories have happened in these (possibly haunted) halls. 

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It's debatable if Pennywise the Clown or maybe Freddy Kruger lived here in a past life, but for a new beginning, this terrifying abode may just be the perfect place to call home. 

Things good be worse, after all, at least you won't be living on Elm Street! 

Source: CBC

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