Toronto's gothic landmark is in the market for a new owner. If you've ever wanted to live out your Princess dream, NOW IS THE TIME! Tell bae to step it up and buy you your very own frigging castle. The now museum, that was originally constructed in the early 1900s, has been a huge attraction for tourists in the city. Built originally as a residence for Financier Sir Henry Mill Pellatt, Casa Loma has flourished over the years.

From it's Great Hall to a wicked library, there is sure to be a bidding war over this castle. In 1903, Pellatt purchased 25 lots from developers and commissioned architect E.J. Lennox to design the castle. The house cost about $3.5 million and took almost three years to build with about 300 workers. At one point, Casa Loma, was one of the largest private residences in Canada.

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So what's the price of this Toronto crib? This mansion sits 460 feet above sea level and sits most likely a couple dollars above any other home on the market in Toronto real estate.

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Casa Loma has five acres of gardens. It also has a tunnel connecting the house to the Hunting Lodge and stables (IMAGINE HAVING A TUNNEL IN YOUR HOME). This castle is commonly rented out for wedding and fabulous events like this one...

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Some of our favourite selling features of this castle in the 6ix:

1. There are 7 floors in total.

2. A Girl Guides Exhibit is included.

3. Comes equipped with multiple bedroom suites.

4. It has not just a driveway but a parking lot with fountains.

5. There are royal chandeliers everywhere.

6. The CN Tower is visible from the third floor.

HOW MUCH WILL YOU PAY FOR THIS GEM? For more information on this hot, new Toronto listing, click here.

via @casalomatoronto

KIDDING! APRIL FOOLS. Hope you're chuckling! Spend your weekend visiting this Toronto landmark, that is so very cool and definitely not for sale.

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