Tim Horton is a household name in most Canadian homes.  You likely know him for his incredible hockey career, or the association with your favourite morning coffee!  But either way, you definitely recognize the name.

Tim was an incredibly humble man, especially when you look at all of his crazy achievements.  He played 24 seasons of NHL hockey and represented our city well during his time on the Toronto Maple Leafs.  It's really no surprise that his home would reflect similar characteristics to the man himself.

Tim Horton's family bungalow just hit the real estate market, and hockey fans seem to be freaking out a little.  This cozy three bedroom, three bath home is the perfect place for raising a family full of coffee lovers and hockey enthusiasts! The bungalow is listed at $699,900, and is located on Warden Ave. in Scarborough.

So, for any of you looking to a home in the city why not look into a Canadian legend's home!

Source: The Star

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