If you can show me one person that doesn't like Nutella, I'll personally buy you a jar of Nutella. No really, the chocolate-hazelnut spread has taken over the hearts of millions all over the world and if you're not one of those people, then I'm worried for you. Do you hate puppies too? Just kidding...kind of.

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Toronto is practically obsessed with Nutella, which only intensified after we got a Nutella Cafe last year:

via @annaxox

So, Nutella lovers rejoice because the ultimate Nutella collectors item is up for grabs at a grocery store near you! You can now get personalized 725 gram Nutella jars with your name on it!..or your mom's name, or your dog's name...or even one that says "it's lit", the possibilities are endless!


Photo cred- Nutella 

There are also pre-printed festive labels perfect for the holidays with labels like "love", "Santa", "merry", "Noel", "friend", "Hanukkah", and "Kwanza", that can be found at 22 Fort York Blvd in the Sobeys Urban Fresh grocery story.

The custom labels can be printed for $5.99 at the Loblaws in Etobicoke (380 The East Mall) as well as the Maple Leaf Gardens Loblaws (60 Calton St).  The one draw back is tht the label can only fit 9 letters or less, so people with a long name better find a nickname quick!

You can also get the jars online but require a "unique pin" that can be found on regular jars to do so.

Tis the season for Nutella! 

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