As you may know, tomorrow is Valentine's Day aka the hallmark holiday that comes by each year where you REALLY need to do the most to show bae that you care. If you're like 98% of the people I know, you don't have anything planned at all (shame on you!). But no worries there is a gift that will for sure set the right mood for tomorrow night. 

The popular Irish Cream brand Bailey's dropped a limited edition flavour just in time for February 14th and you can pick it up today on the way home from work/ school/ doing nothing at all. 


The seriously pink and adorable Bailey's Strawberry & Cream has had the internet going wild. Since nothing screams romantic like a boozie strawberry milk, that also gets you drunk. 

You can get drunk and sexy for only $30.95 so it's cheaper than the marked up dozen roses you'll get from the local flower shop or the weird assorted mix of chocolates in a heart shaped box that everyone gets.

With only 1343 Units available online at the LCBO website, you can bet that they won't last too long. 

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