Travelling is already stressful enough without having to consider arrangements for our pets. Whether you identify as a cat lover or a dog person, planning a trip away from home can be awfully hectic without thinking of who will feed your four-legged friend for a week at a time. 

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That's why it is so exciting that VIA Rail Canada announced today that pets will now be allowed to travel with their owners between Quebec City and Windsor, Ontario. While support animals are always welcome on VIA corridors, this is the first travel passage that has allowed pets to come aboard the train also. 

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The update comes to meet customers needs because competitors, like GO transit, allow passengers to bring animals in carriers aboard their trains. The new policy allows travelling passengers to place a soft or hard pet-carrier at their feet during travel, so long as it's leak-proof and allows the animal to comfortably come with. 

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It's also not to worry for those allergic to animals with fur because customers can let VIA know prior to departure to ensure they are comfortable. If you want to bring your pet with you on your trip you need to let VIA know 48 hours prior to departure, so there will be tons of time to make sure allergies are considered. 

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Bringing your pet along does come at a cost though, at an additional $50 fee that will apply to your seats ticket price. Pets must remain on the floor and not be placed on the seat at any time also. 

The update on the pet policy is for both dogs and cats. There are no longer any excuses for leaving behind your furry best friend on your next adventure across Ontario, let them explore all the sites alongside you! 

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