Living in Toronto, everyone has been to or at least heard of Honest Ed's. That also means we knew that the discount store cried wolf on closing many times. So now that it is finally closed for good, it left us shook at where we would find weird bargains and take amazing Insta photos.

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Even though it is an end of an era, that doesn't mean there isn't cause for celebration. If you're going to miss Honest Ed's then we have some great news for you.

An Honest Farewell is a four-day festival hosted by Toronto for Everyone, that will celebrate this discount superstructure with multiple events. Running from February 23 to the 26, there will be a cocktail gala to kick off the party and an art maze so you can get lost one more time.

via @to4everyone

On Friday, you can participate in an amazing craft brew tour and wander the art maze, or get down on Saturday for one of the biggest dance parties ever. There will also be flea and farmer's market, plus performances and more.

via @to4everyone

So take a trip down the alley one last time and enjoy yourself a craft beer! Ed's will always be remembered by true Torontonians but now you have a chance to celebrate and say goodbye to the giant on Bloor St.

You can still grab your tickets here

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