If you've ever worked in a restaurant or grocery store, you know how much perfectly good food goes to waste every day because of company policies. In a city as big as Toronto, with over 3,000 restaurants & 1,500 grocery stores, it's needless to say that there is a lot of food going to waste. But why should it?

Flashfood is a new Toronto start-up that restaurants and grocery stores can use to sell their produce & other food goods to you, the people, for a much lower price.

Flashfood will be available as an app in late August or early September, and will allow you to make purchases from your mobile device. As of right now, 15 restaurants have signed up to use the service, including King Slice and Alex Rei dos Leitoes. The company's founder has already locked in a big name grocery store, to be named later.

Start counting down the days 'till August to cut that grocery bill in half!

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