In the near future, you may be able to use your Presto card for things other than just GO transit and TTC fares.

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A document by Metrolinx reveals a list of 59 initiatives that are part of Presto's business strategy. It details a plan to make the smart card applicable for use on other services, including:

  • Paid parking
  • Valid identification
  • Bike sharing (already being implemented in Toronto)
  • Other transportation fares (ex. Via Rail, Greyhound)
  • Possible smartphone transactions
  • Use outside of Ontario

The business strategy was developed in 2014 and is slated for implementation by 2020; however, it may take longer depending on how much revenue it can generate within the next few years.

Presto is focusing on southern Ontario, with much of their efforts currently directed to expanding the service across Toronto's transit network. Projects involving Greyhound are to follow in 2018.


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