Hyperloop is the next big thing in transportation. It’s a system that involves a magnetically-floating pod propelled through a tube via electricity at lightning fast speeds (up to 670 mph). 

Test tracks already exist in various places in the U.S. including Missouri and Nevada, but the company that creates them says a route between Toronto and Buffalo could be next.

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According to Hyperloop One, the trip would only take 12 minutes in total and would be part of a network that connects to other major cities like Pittsburg and New York City. Currently, the company has considered Buffalo and Toronto among 10 regions to set up ideal Hyperloop routes. 

Of course, nothing is confirmed yet and this is all still speculation at this point, but the company assures we will find out their selections for Hyperloop locations soon. 

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Other locations being considered as part of Hyperloop One’s Global Challenge include four cities int he U.S., two in the UK, two in India and one in Mexico. The company “will work closely with each winning team to validate and analyze their proposals further, and provide initial ridership forecasts, business case and preliminary technical analysis of the route and corridor, tailored to the needs of the individual route.”

“The next logical step for a Hyperloop network would be to extend into the U.S., west to Detroit from Windsor, Ontario, and east from Quebec to Niagara Falls/Buffalo,” says the company.

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Not many details have been given on the project yet, but we can expect multiple Hyperloop routes to be up and running by 2021.

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