According to Google, it takes 1 hour and 16 minutes to get to Toronto from Waterloo, Ontario. By GO train, the average commute time is around 2 hours and 20 minutes. Most individuals who regularly take these routes have already made their peace with these travel times.

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However, a new airline named Nextjet suggests that flying is a better option. They are hoping to start offering flights between Waterloo International Airport and Billy Bishop Toronto City Airport later this year. Such flights are estimated to cut the travel time to just 20 minutes and one-way tickets would cost about $100 each.

Tan Ahmed, the president of Nextjet, defended the rather costly ticket pricing by saying the service is geared for customers who value time over money and are in need of a faster way to get into the city. He compares the local flight service to a float plane service that you would typically see in places like Vancouver.

Nextjet has already initiated flight services between Montreal and Peterborough, and will launch morning flights from Kitchener to Montreal this month.

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