With Canada Day weekend kicking off on Friday night, Canadian cities across the nation are currently preparing for their Canada Day festivities, including the famous Canada Day parade. However, one Canadian city will be missing out this year and was forced to cancel their Canada Day parade due to the lack of people who wanted to participate. The Town of Sussex in New Brunswick hopes the canceled Canada Day parade will only be a one-year occurrence. 

On Thursday, the Town of Sussex announced that their Canada Day parade was officially canceled due to the low registration numbers for those who wished to participate in the parade. According to CTV, the town claims that they only received five entries for people who were interested in marching in the parade.   

The Town of Sussex told CTV that with only five entries willing to participate in the parade this year, it was hard for the town to justify closing down the streets if no one would be in attendance. Which means, with only a few days before the Canada Day festivities started to kick off, the city was forced to cancel their Canada Day parade. 

Jason Thorne, the town's community services director, told CTV that he believed that the lack of interest didn't have to do with the patriotism that the city felt towards their country. 

Instead, Thorne assumed that the lack of participation has more to do with the fact that Canada Day landed on a Monday this year, giving the city a true long weekend. Thorne assumed that a lot of people took this long weekend as an opportunity to travel outside of the city for celebrations this year. 

However, just because the parade is canceled doesn't mean the city isn't showing their national pride. The Town of Sussex will be participating in a variety of other activities throughout the weekend. 

According to their event page, the Town of Sussex will be launching Fireworks on Monday night and will still have music, free hotdogs, food vendors and kids activities in Burton Park throughout the day. 

Thorne states that he is hoping the Canada Day parade will be able to return next year. 

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